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Great price cinema tickets from ODEON

Catch all the latest movies with our ODEON e-vouchers. Click redeem to see pricing.

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Benefit highlights

  1. Same price, any film, any time, any day

  2. Click 'redeem' to see our exclusive pricing

  3. Book your tickets online, or at the box office

  4. Vouchers are displayed instantly after purchase

Benefit information

Buy your ODEON tickets with Simply Business Gold Card to catch the latest releases at a price you won’t believe. Catch any movie in standard seating from cinemas all around the UK.

Our rates change depending on the cinema you choose, so you'll have to click redeem to see our pricing. Don't worry, you'll get a nice surprise.

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How it works:

  • Choose a cinema and the number of tickets you'd like

  • Make payment on our website

  • We'll give you one voucher code per person

  • Quote your voucher code(s) online or at the box office

  • ODEON will swap your voucher code(s) for standard 2D tickets to a film of your choice

Lights, camera, action!

Our e­-vouchers from ODEON are really simple to use. Just tell us which cinema you’re visiting (there are a few exclusions in central London) and let us know how many tickets you want.

We'll give you a voucher code which you can exchange for real-life tickets at the box office, either by printing it out, or presenting it on your smartphone.

Alternatively, you can also use your voucher codes to purchase 2D, standard movie tickets online. You'll be given a reference code after purchase when booking online. Quote that code at the box office to collect your tickets. If you're using a self-service machine, make sure you specify that you're collecting for 'Tesco & Business Voucher Bookings'.

Need to know...

Where can I use these codes?

You can exchange your vouchers for tickets at most ODEON locations, though a select few cinemas in Central London are excluded. When you buy your vouchers you'll be asked to pick from a list of locations. If the cinema you're looking for isn't on there, we probably don't support it. Sorry!

Please note that codes can be purchased and redeemed by adults only.

Can I exchange my codes for tickets online?

Sure can! That's actually why we invented this question - to brag about it.

I've booked online, how do I get my tickets?

When booking online, you'll be given a reference code after purchase. Quote that code at the box office to collect your tickets. If you're using a self-service machine, make sure you specify that you're collecting for 'Tesco & Business Voucher Bookings'.

I was refused entry for a film because of age restrictions. Can I have a refund?

Cinemas are obliged to enforce BBFC classifications by law, so make sure everyone in your party is old enough for the film you're watching. Just because your 14 year old looks 15, doesn't mean they can legally watch a 15 certificate film, sorry. If members of your party can't prove their age, we advise seeing a film with a lower rating. All of which is a roundabout way of saying: once you've swapped your voucher codes for tickets, you've bought them. The cinema may issue vouchers for another film at their own discretion, but we cannot give refunds for vouchers once they have been exchanged.

How do I get my tickets?

Purchase your instant voucher from our website and your code will be displayed on screen immediately. Simply present your code at the box office in exchange for your tickets.

Can I combine my vouchers with other deals?

Afraid not - these vouchers work on their own, like a majestic blue whale. Impressive, but lonely.

What films can I watch?

Watch whatever you like! The only restrictions are: tickets only work on 2D films, in standard seating - so go wild. 

To order your voucher, just hit that 'redeem this benefit' button and pick a cinema!

*No more than 50 vouchers in a 12 month period. No more than 4 vouchers to be purchased per transaction.

Each ODEON e-voucher is valid for one adult admittance in participating theatres

Check out the terms and conditions here

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Special rates

25842 redeemed

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