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Great price cinema tickets from Cineworld

Blockbuster? Rom-com? Scary movie? Catch any film, any day at Cineworld and always pay the same great price.

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  1. Same great price tickets, all day, every day

  2. e-ticket codes, displayed instantly

  3. Print out or present on your smartphone

  4. Each ticket admits one

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Films - they make us laugh, they make us cry, they sometimes make us hide behind things - not because we’re scared but because we just feel that way, okay?

Anyway - you can’t beat the pure escapism of a trip to cinema. Take a seat and suddenly you’re piloting an X-Wing over the Moon of Endor, keeping watch over the streets of Gotham City, or getting in deep with the Corleones. 

Alternatively, you might be just looking for somewhere to take your partner where they can’t bang on about work for hours on end. That’s fine too. Whatever the reason for going, you’ll love what we’ve got lined up.

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What you’ll get:

Special rates on 2D Cineworld tickets

How it works:

  • Choose a cinema and the number of tickets you'd like

  • Make payment on our website

  • We'll give you one voucher code per person

  • Quote your voucher code(s) online or at the box office

  • Cineworld will swap your voucher code(s) for standard 2D tickets to a film of your choice

Hurrah! It’s really easy to get started too. All you need to do is click the big button at the top of this page, tell us how many tickets you want and we’ll send you the codes instantly.

The best thing (especially if you have commitment issues) is you don’t have to choose a film, a time, or even a day when you buy your tickets. Once you have your codes you can use them anytime before they expire, on any film you like. Isn’t that nice? Now you can prepare for that potential date, even if you’re 90% sure you’ll be standing them up*.

A couple of things to bear in mind. Firstly, you’ll still have to buy your own popcorn, so make your decision now. Salted, obviously. 

Secondly, please try not to ruin the experience for everyone else by uncontrollably shouting ‘I LOVE Simply Business Gold Card!’ throughout the film. We understand that might be difficult, but it really will make life easier for the security staff and probably save you and your mother a lot of insults.

Other than that, there’s nothing left to do but enjoy your film! Have a great time!

Please note that codes can be purchased and redeemed by adults only.

*Simply Business Gold Card recommends being upfront about your feelings with any potential dates.

Need to know:

"I was refused entry for a film because of age restrictions. Can I have a refund?"
Cinemas are obliged to enforce BBFC classifications by law, so make sure everyone in your party is old enough for the film you're watching. Just because your 14 year old looks 15, doesn't mean they can legally watch a 15 certificate film, sorry. If members of your party can't prove their age, we advise seeing a film with a lower rating. All of which is a roundabout way of saying: once you've swapped your voucher codes for tickets, you've bought them. The cinema may issue vouchers for another film at their own discretion, but we cannot give refunds for vouchers once they have been exchanged.

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